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1793 C4 R3 TDS? Liberty Cap Half Cent PCGS F15 Furnace Run Collection
My Stock#: FRN004
1793 C4 R3 TDS? Liberty Cap Half Cent PCGS F15 Furnace Run Collection
1793 C4 R3 TDS? Liberty Cap Half Cent PCGS F15 Furnace Run Collection
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1793 C4 Liberty Cap half cent, hooked bust line, R3. This is the front-line example for the Furnace Run PCGS Registry Set of US half cents from 1793 to 1857 by Cohen Variety. This coin has been authenticated and graded by PCGS as F15, and it has outstanding glossy medium tan brown color and addictive eye appeal. The details are exceptionally strong and well-balanced on both sides, and the eye appeal cannot be overstated. This coin was lot #654 in the Heritage Long Beach auction on 09/01/05, where it was described as: "1793 1/2 C Fine 15 PCGS. B-4, C-4, Low R.3. Apparently a previously unreported late die state, a shallow retained cud appears along the reverse border between 6:30 and 8:30. Numismatic researcher Ronald Manley has examined photos of this piece and assigned a new die state number, Manley State 3.0. As the coin is within a PCGS holder, it is not 100% certain that this is actually a new die state, for it could be a planchet lamination, however, the evidence weights heavily toward the retained cud description. Location of a second example, or an intermediate state with a die crack in this same area would be required to be absolutely certain. Maroon fields complement the steel-brown devices. The strike is even with all legends and berries sharp, and the trailing neck curls have pleasing definition. A few wispy obverse marks include a pinprick on the neck. As the Cohen-4 variety is believed to be the last 1793 half cent struck, and this example is the latest known die state, it could be argued that this example is the very last 1793 half cent ever struck!" This coin did NOT sticker at CAC, and although the eye appeal is exceptional, I do see some VERY light hairlines on the obverse that require a strong glass. Easily EAC F12 and PLUS, and certainly lots of COOL factor as the possible terminal die state for Cohen-4 and perhaps the last 1793 ever made! The "Cohen 4" variety and "Furnace Run Collection" pedigree are each listed on the PCGS label. Ex-Heritage 09/21/04:11010:$7039.15; Heritage 09/01/05:654:$6900; unknown until Baltimore bourse 11/16/19; CVM and Shawn A. Yancey; Shawn A. Yancey #12060; Furnace Run Collection 12/07/19. Without exception, my coins are sharper and more attractive in hand than in my photos. So if you like the photos, you will LOVE the coin!
Redbook Variety: Cohen 4
PCGS Coin#: 35012
Pedigree: Furnace Run Collection
Certification: PCGS
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