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1794 S64 R5- Liberty Cap Large Cent No Fraction Bar PCGS VF25 Fricke Color Collection
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1794 S64 R5- Liberty Cap Large Cent No Fraction Bar PCGS VF25 Fricke Color Collection
1794 S64 R5- Liberty Cap Large Cent No Fraction Bar PCGS VF25 Fricke Color Collection
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1794 S64 Liberty Cap large cent, Head of 1794, NO Fraction Bar, R5-. This is an attractive example that has been authenticated and graded by PCGS as VF25, and it was part of the Pierre Fricke Color Collection, which was sold on 02/12/27 by Goldbergs. In that auction, Bob Grellman described the coin as: "1794 S-64 R5- Missing Fraction Bar PCGS graded VF25. Attractive glossy light to medium brown. The surfaces are mostly smooth and attractive, but there is a patch of very shallow roughness under ITE in UNITED. In addition, there are a couple tiny rim bruises right of the Y in LIBERTY, another at the U in UNITED, and a small one at the first S in STATES. Faint hairline scratches cover the area inside the wreath. None of these defects is especially distracting and the overall eye appeal is excellent. LDS, Breen state V. The die crack through the D in UNITED is strong and extends to the C in CENT where swelling has essentially obliterated ONE CENT. A second weaker but clearly visible die crack extends from the dentils to the right top of M in AMERICA. The missing fraction bar feature is easily visible, although not strong due to the finely cut fraction. Our grade is F12. A nice example of this popular "Redbook" variety, and it comes with an equally nice provenance. The attribution and Fricke provenance are noted on the PCGS label. PCGS population 1; 5 finer for the variety. Estimate Value $2,000 - UP. Ex Edward H. Schwartz, Abe Kosoff 10/11/1961:72-Jack Boozer (Abilene, Texas) 3/1966-John D. Wright 1/18/2006-Bob Grellman & Chris McCawley 4/3/2006-Daniel W. Holmes, Jr., McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 9/6/2009:102." The coin brought $2938 in the Fricke auction as lot #344. The "S-64 No Fraction Bar" and "Fricke Color Collection" attributions are listed on the PCGS label. Without exception, my coins are sharper and more attractive in person than in my photos, so if you like the photos, you will LOVE the coin!
Redbook Variety: No Fraction Bar
PCGS Coin#: 35708
Pedigree: See description
Certification: PCGS
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