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1802/0 C1 R6 Draped Bust Half Cent Reverse of 1800 PCGS AG3 Furnace Run Collection
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1802/0 C1 R6 Draped Bust Half Cent Reverse of 1800 PCGS AG3 Furnace Run Collection
1802/0 C1 R6 Draped Bust Half Cent Reverse of 1800 PCGS AG3 Furnace Run Collection
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1802/0 C1 Draped Bust half cent, Reverse of 1800, R6. This is the front-line example for the Furnace Run PCGS Registry Set of US half cents from 1793 to 1857 by Cohen Variety. This coin has been authenticated and graded by PCGS as AG3, and it's a very decent example of this ultra-rarity that is also easily attributable thanks to the readable date and the bold Reverse of 1800. This coin was lot #674 in the Goldberg's auction of 09/20/10, where it was described as: "1802/0 C-1 R6 Overdate 2 over 0, Reverse of 1800 PCGS graded AG3. Sharpness VG7, even better in a few areas, but the surfaces are covered with very fine roughness, strongest in the softly struck area at the bust tip. The only verdigris is some microscopic reddish carbon in protected areas, strongest at STA, but this stuff is barely visible and does not detract. There is a nick on the forehead, another under the eye, and a couple more light contact marks on the bust. The strike is uneven, weak on the bust and at OF, thanks to non-parallel die faces. Most researchers believe all of this variety were struck on spoiled large cent planchets. There are very faint hints of some undertype at the bust, but the wear and imperfect surfaces make identifying any undertype virtually impossible. The date is complete, but the 2 is faint due to the uneven strike. The legends are complete except for OF, which is faint due to the poor strike in that area. A decent, rather nicely detailed example of this extremely rare variety. Our grade is AG3+, very close to G4. The overdate feature and "Reverse of 1800" type are noted on the PCGS label." This coin did not sell in that auction, presumably because it did not meet a high reserve. Like the 1796 C1, this is another variety that is hard to find in a low-grade PCGS holder, and this represents an "affordable" example for this ultra-rarity, if that can be said about a coin with this price tag! The "C-1 Reverse of 1800" variety and "Furnace Run Collection" pedigree are both listed on the PCGS label. Ex-Shawn A. Yancey 07/12/05 at $19,500; Furnace Run Collection. Without exception, my coins are sharper and more attractive in hand than in my photos. So if you like the photos, you will LOVE the coin!
Redbook Variety: C-1 Reverse of 1800
PCGS Coin#: 35122
Pedigree: Furnace Run Collection
Certification: PCGS
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