It's getting really tough to maintain a good inventory of half cents and large cents, and I MUST buy and trade for new coins in order to offer them for sale!  YES, I am interested in buying YOUR early coppers!
Here is the best way for you to sell me your coins, from start to finish:
1)  If you are a registered customer, please start a new ticket in the CRM section of the MY ACCOUNT area.  If you are not a registered customer, please either register on my website or else send me an email at [email protected];
2)  I specialize in early United States half cents, large cents, and colonials.  As such, please do not offer me Morgan dollars, Lincoln cents, foreign coins, paper money, or anything else that is not related to early copper coins!
3)  Once I receive your summary of what you have for sale and confirm that your coins match my inventory requirements, I will ask you to ship the coins to me on approval at:
Shawn A. Yancey
P.O. Box 2731
Springfield, MO 65801-2731
You must include an itemized invoice of every coin that you are sending, along with the price that you hope to receive for each coin.  If you have any pedigree information, auction inserts, 2x2 envelopes, slab labels, or anything else that goes with the coins, make sure that you include them.  Package the coins SECURELY and send them FULLY-INSURED with tracking and a required signature.  In most cases, USPS REGISTERED MAIL is the best choice;
4)  I will email you within 24 hours of receiving your coins to let you know that they have been received safely;
5)  Once I have the coins in hand, I will personally inspect and appraise each coin, using my own grades and values.  Then I will compare my notes to your itemized invoice, and create an offer quotation for you to consider.  Typically, my quotation will contain TWO offers: the first will be a cash / "write-a-check" offer; the second will be a credit offer to be used against purchases on my website.  So a typical offer might look something like "$5,000 cash, or $6,000 credit from my website."
6)  Once you have received my offer, you can either choose to accept it or reject it.  If you accept the offer, I will mail you a company check if it is cash, or issue you a company credit if it is trade.  If you decline the offer, I will immediately return the coins to you, or else forward them to another potential buyer on your behalf, whichever you instruct me to do.
The process is quite simple and efficient, and in almost every case, my offers are usually accepted.  But if not, no hard feelings on my part and I hope not on yours, either!  If you have any questions, please contact me thru MY ACCOUNT, by email at [email protected], or by phone at (417) 848-1090.
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