. . . . and every tongue will confess: Jesus Christ Is LORD!
I am proud to announce myself as a CHRISTIAN, and I am not ashamed to share my beliefs on my website!  Now, you may or may not believe as I do, but what I believe really makes me who I am, and so for you to really know who I am, I would like for you to know what those beliefs are:
1)  I believe that there is ONE God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who always WAS, who still IS, and who always WILL BE;
2)  I believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, and that He is the Word, the Truth, the Life, the Light, the Lamb, and the Alpha and the Omega;
3)  I believe that Man was created by God in His image, and that Man fell from grace by committing the first sin in the Garden of Eden.  That sin caused separation between God and Man, and since we are sinners, we are unable to stand before the throne of God without being consumed by His glory and His presence;
4)  I believe that God sent Jesus Christ to Earth to live a perfect life of example, a life that was free from sin, and a life that was freely laid down in payment of MY sins, and yours, too!  Jesus abolished and fulfilled the blood sacrifice under the Old Covenant with Abraham, and became the perfect New Covenant thru the shedding of his own, innocent blood;
5)  I believe that Jesus Christ has paid the penalty for my sins, which holy God has decreed to be DEATH, when Jesus died on the cross.  This was a FREE gift, not something to be earned by my works, and all I have to do to receive this gift is to REPENT from my sins, and ACCEPT Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.  His death has paid for my sins!;
6)  I believe that because I have confessed myself as a sinner before God and man, and because I believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, and because I have accepted Christ's death as payment for my sins, that I have become a joint heir with Jesus Christ, a brother with Christ with the same Father, and entitled to eternal life and an inheritance in Christ's kingdom!  Thru the covering of Christ's blood, I will be able to stand before the throne of the Father and give Him praise!
Those are the basic beliefs of Christianity, and they are my beliefs, too. 
Beyond those core values, I also believe that we are to be baptized once we are saved.  Does baptism "save" us?  NO, Jesus Christ saves us, but baptism was something that Jesus Christ commanded us to do.  By being baptized, we demonstrate our obedience to His word, and we demonstrate our faith to an unbelieving world.  Symbolically, it is our old, sinful, dirty self that goes down into the water, but it is the cleaned, saved, new creation that emerges.
I also believe that we are rapidly approaching the "end-times," based on my interpretation of Daniel, Isaiah, and Revelation.  It's no coincidence that we are experiencing so many earthquakes, and that all the nations of the earth are gathering around Israel.  I also believe that the "Mark of the Beast" described in Revelation is a "smart-chip" that is already being produced at the rate of 1 BILLION per year, and YES, they will make you take it in your forehead or your right hand, or else you will not be able to buy, sell, or function in society.  This is the "Mark of the Beast" brought forth by the "Anti-Christ," exactly as it is portrayed in the Bible.  But according to God's word, if you take that mark, you are eternally condemned!  This is all part of God's plan, and it's fascinating for me to be able to go to the Bible and then see everything written there unfolding before my own eyes.  Do you really think it's a COINCIDENCE that these things which were written 2,000 years ago are happening EXACTLY as the Bible said they would?  Really?
If you have never read the Bible, I would strongly encourage you to do so!  These are my beliefs, and you certainly don't have to agree with them, but I would ask that you approach God's Word as given to us thru the Bible with an open mind.  If you do so, I think you will be able to prove to yourself that what is written in the Bible is the Truth.  I challenge you to prove that truth to YOURSELF!
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