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How to Join EAC

EAC (Early American Coppers) is a group of passionate coin collectors that have been infected with the incurable "early copper syndrome."  Once you have been infected, you are always a carrier for life, and the only therapy is to join the gang!  This is a close-knit group of salt-of-the-earth folks with a common interest in colonials, half cents, and large cents, as well as the history and the personalities behind the coins.  Here are some of the benefits of joining EAC:
1)  Attend the annual EAC convention, which meets in a different major city every year.  During this convention, you can attend numerous education seminars including the ever-popular counterfeit-detection and grading seminar conducted each year by Doug Bird and Steve Carr.  The annual convention typically runs Wednesday thru Sunday, and also features a members-only auction on Saturday night;
2)  Attend regional meetings nationwide at all of the major coin shows.  There are 7 different Regions, each chaired by a different group of people.  These Regions have usually have a small, informal EAC meeting at every major show on the circuit, such as FUN, Long Beach, Baltimore, ANA, etc.;
3)  Receive the club newletter "Penny-Wise" (PW) every quarter.  There are great articles in PW, as well as a calendar, for sale section, etc..  Once you join, you will also include a fabulous DVD with the archived copies of PW from decades past, which is also fully-searchable;
4)  Receive the printed catalog to the annual EAC auction - you can only receive the catalog and buy and sell in that auction if you are a MEMBER!
5)  Participate in the Region 8 discussions online.  In addition to the 7 geographic regions, there is also a "Region 8", which is an online group that shares EAC news via email, and thru a moderator.  Emails are compiled each week, and then broadcast to the Region 8 email group at the end of each week by the moderator.  This is a great way to stay up-to-date on all the EAC happenings for those of us that do not travel the show circuit!
These are just a few of the many benefits of joining EAC.  Frankly, the dues are ridiculously low for all that you receive, and this group of people are in my opinion the best of the best with respect to coin clubs.  Please take my advice: JOIN TODAY!
You can join online at http://eacs.org/join-eac/ and for your benefit, I have also cut and pasted the membership application below.  Welcome to the club!

Early American Coppers, Inc.

Membership Dues for July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

April 1, 2017

Print your name and mailing address for Penny-Wise:





Telephone #: _________________________

E-mail address: _________________________

If a new member, how did you hear about EAC?

You may pay for up to five (5) years at a time.

Regular dues (including new members) $39 x _________ years = __________

Associate members send $10.00/year

Junior members send $5.00 (under 18 yrs old at 7/1/17)

Life Membership is $1000, payable in two equal installments __________

First Class mailing option for having all 4 issues of PW mailed via

First Class US Mail $10.00 (per year) __________

Make checks payable to Early American Coppers.

Mail to: Early American Coppers

PO Box 480188

Delray Beach, FL 33448

Total Sent................................................... $ __________

Shawn A. Yancey, EAC #4647
P.O. Box 2731
Springfield, MO 65801-2731
Phone (417) 848-1090