I ship ALL coins thru the United States Postal Service (USPS).  Additionally, ALL coins are shipped with insurance, either thru the USPS or privately thru Shipandinsure.com.  You will be required to SIGN for all packages, which prevents fraud and also marks the official start of your 7-day return privilege.
I typically ship coins the next business day after they are purchased and paid for, and I often ship coins on Saturday mornings, too.  When I am out of town, I will either have my website "disabled" or I will post a notice on the Home Page that there will be longer than normal shipping times.
When you purchase coins thru my website, the system will AUTOMATICALLY calculate the shipping and insurance charges based on the TOTAL VALUE of your order, as follows:

Order Total


Typical Method*


$0 - $499


Ground Advantage*




Priority Mail*


$1000 - $1,999


Priority Mail*


$2,000 - UP


Express Mail*


* I reserve the right to package, ship, and insure coins by any method of my choice!
The shipping methods listed above are just GUIDELINES that reflect my typical shipping practices - I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SHIP COINS USING ANY METHOD OR SERVICE THAT I CHOOSE!
I should also mention that credit cards and PayPal require me to ship the coins to the billing address that you have on file.  This is their rule, not mine, but it is designed with security in mind to protect both of us.  Many of you have a POB (post office box) that you use to receive coins so that people don't see coins coming and going from your home (and that is a GREAT idea - everybody reading this should consider getting a POB!).  My recommendation is to contact your credit card or PayPal, and instruct them to add your POB as a secondary address to your account.  Then, when you register on my website, you can register with your POB, and when you make purchases with your credit card or PayPal, all the systems involved will recognize that your POB is an acceptable address.
If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact me thru the MY ACCOUNT area by creating a ticket with your question.  I have shipped THOUSANDS of coins, and I have become very wise in terms of how to package and ship coins, so it should be very rare indeed for either of us to have any problems regarding shipping!
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