Early copper coins have become quite expensive, and I think that trend will continue indefinitely.  To help make some of the tougher coins more obtainable, I am happy to always consider TRADES and to also offer the following standard LAYAWAY program to my customers.  Here are the details about those two programs:

I have designed this website with the ability to take trades on purchases.  Once you have added the coins you want to purchase to your shopping cart, go thru the checkout process and select TRADE PENDING.  The order will be sent to me as such, and I will have the ability to edit the order with the discount amount for the coin(s) that you want to trade to me.  Once you have placed the order, you will need to send me the information on your trade coin(s) by email, including photos, a complete description, and the amount you are hoping to receive in trade credit.  In most cases, and certainly on coins you have purchased previously from me, I should be able to make the trade offer without having you send me the trade(s) first.  But in other cases, I will ask you to send me your trades so that I can see them in person and make an honest assessment as to grade, condition, and value.  The benefit to this feature is that you will be able to purchase the coin you really want from my website before it gets away to somebody else, and the system will keep the coin on HOLD until we can either make a trade agreement or until I cancel the order.  Once we make the trade agreement, the discount for the trade credit will be applied to the order, and you will then need to remit the final balance due by either Check, Money Order, or Paypal.  Unfortunately you will not be able to use a Credit Card to pay the balance due when trades are involved, so please consider that before you select the TRADE PENDING payment option.  Please contact me for a workaround if you need to submit a trade AND pay the difference with a credit card.  In my business where inventory is becoming impossible to replace, I really NEED your trade coins, so please offer them to me!

Layaway Program
1)  This is a 60-day program, and you can select the LAYAWAY option right thru the shopping cart;
2)  Once you purchase the coin thru the website and select STANDARD LAYAWAY as the payment choice, you will need to remit 1/3 of the balance due IMMEDIATELY!  So, if you buy a $1,500 coin on layaway, you would need to send $500 upon the initial purchase;
3)  The layaway payments will need to be made by CHECK or MONEY ORDER only - if you have the option of using Paypal or a Credit Card instead, then you need to choose that option instead of the Layaway Program;
4)  The second 1/3 payment is due in 30 days, and the final 1/3 payment is due in 60 days;
5)  The coin will not be shipped until it is paid in full and all funds have cleared my bank account;
6)  There are no interest charges or other fees for this service.  HOWEVER, if you back out on the layaway and do not complete the payments as agreed, you will be charged a 10% restocking fee which will be taken out of your first payment.  So, if you buy a $1,500 coin, make only the initial $500 payment and then fail to honor the layaway, you will be charged a $150 restocking fee, and I will refund the remaining $350 from your first payment.  Additionally, you will not be able to purchase any other coins on layaway in the future!
This is my standard program, and many of my customers have purchased coins on occasion thru this method.  I will consider other layaway terms, but they must be negotiated with me IN ADVANCE, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  I am easy to get along with, and I don't WANT to charge any restocking fees, so if you find yourself unable to meet a layaway payment, please let me know as soon as possible, and let's try to get the problem worked out!
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